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3 reasons why my challenge will be great for your business

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Happy New Year! Christmas is already starting to feel like a distant memory but I do love January! Controversial I know - but it can be a really motivating month, especially for product business owners and that’s why I decided to offer my free ‘Plan your 2020 Sales’ 5-day challenge at the end of this month.

The challenge kicks off on Monday 27th January, it’s going to be in a private Facebook group and every morning you’re going to get a task that’s between 10 and 15 minutes long and then you are going to build on that task each day to plan out your 2020 sales.

I’m going to be going live in the Facebook group every evening so I can answer your questions. I’m really excited that this challenge is coming up so soon and can’t wait to get started. If you’ve not joined yet – I wanted to give you 3 really good reasons why joining would be good for your product business.

The Process

The sales planning process is one of the most important planning processes product business owners undertake and therefore one of the most important things you can do for your business.

When you plan out your sales you really focus your mind on what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for you and your business. You will explore what you’re excited about, what you’re interested in and where you want to take your business. It’s also time out for you to really think what your goals are and put some actual numbers behind them.

I always find it hugely creative and a very interesting, motivating process to go through and to have the opportunity to take so many of you talented folk through it for your businesses, to show you just what I mean is really exciting.

So the process we’re going to be going through is the same process that I have used time and time again with both my clients but also of the businesses I worked with prior to setting up my own business. My last role in a corporate retailer was at Paperchase I used this same process to plan stationery and art at Paperchase, the same process to plan clothing at Coast and all of the businesses I’ve worked with, including a retailer I worked with in the US – it had 4 hundred million pounds worth of sales a year and you guessed it – I used this very same process to plan sales for that business too.

So although I’ve done this throughout my working career I know that even though it comes very naturally to me, it’s not always second nature for everybody to go through a process of planning their sales.

If you started your product business because you’re really passionate about your product but not necessarily because you’ve got a background in retail you might be interested to see how retailers plan their sales. It’s going to be really good pause for you at the end of January 2020 to look ahead for the rest of the year , next 12 months and to plan out what you want to do and how you want to do it.


I’m really passionate about bringing business owners together. I know that it can be lonely at times when you have your own business so I’ve always enjoyed my Facebook group Female Founders in Retail - creating a community for people to come together and swap suggestions, ask questions and get support. That’s one of the things I want this challenge to achieve.

There are already over 125 people signed up and I would love that number to grow before the 27th - creating a big 5-day community event – people can come and bounce ideas off each other as I’m going to be going live each day in the private Facebook group. They’ll be a sizable group of people for you to ask questions to, people that are all going through the same process at the same time – which in itself will be really valuable.


My third and final reason – because it’s FUN! To take some time out and really think about your plans for your business is a really satisfying part of being a product business owner and I love that about planning.

‘Planning is a form of dreaming’ – I think this saying is a bit cheesy but spot on! It’s optimistic, enthusiastic and motivating. It’s all about your vision for your business and where you want it to go, but not just where you want the business to go - but also what’s going to make you really excited and motivated everyday.

So we are going to have lots of fun as we go through the planning process, lots of opportunities to ask me questions, lots of opportunities to learn from each other – I can’t wait to see you there. Sign up here.

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