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3 things to get you out of your slump when sales are bad

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We all know how hard it is to keep motivated when sales are tough.

Procrastinating seems like such an easy fix, forgetting about it instead of doing something productive.

Getting stuck in a negative mindset can stop progress indefinitely and make work daunting, almost impossible.

This post will help shed light on some simple ways to avoid falling down the procrastination hole.

Celebrate your achievements

“Always concentrate on how far you have come, rather than how far you have left to go. The difference in how easy it seems will amaze you.”

— Heidi Johnson

It’s often hard to feel motivated when you look at your sales slump as a personal failure, but a bump in the road doesn’t negate all of the progress you’ve made to get this far.

You shouldn’t let a quiet period overshadow all the work you’ve already done.

To avoid losing sight of how far you’ve come, write a list of what you have achieved - whether that’s events, building your online following, or any milestones in your business.

A marathon starts with one step, and every step on the way counts.

Take a real break

If you find yourself procrastinating and not getting anything productive done, it could be because you haven’t really had a proper break for some time. Procrastination is very time consuming. But because you end up feeling like you’ve got nothing done, you keep on going, even if what you actually need is a break.


Take a break.

Actually getting out of the house and doing something nice for yourself, changing scenery, relaxing, could make a big difference to how you feel about the issue. Relaxing is important, being too close to an issue can warp your vision of it and stop any progress.

Taking a break will also help reset your motivation and leave you readier and more willing to take on tasks going back.

Time away is important for creativity, having time off to think about the problem allows for different solutions and approaches you couldn’t have thought of without changing your perspective.

Focus on one thing you can do each day

When things don’t feel like they’re going quite right they can seem intimidating and stressful. Don’t get overwhelmed. A good way to avoid pressuring yourself is to focus on one task to do per day.

Breaking up large tasks into smaller tasks is called Micro-productivity. This simple change in how you look at things and organize them makes daunting tasks much more approachable and manageable.

Completing one part each day slowly but surely allows you to reach your goal.

An easy way to do this is to make up a 12 week plan and really commit to it. Break up your larger goal improving your SEO or growing your email list into smaller tasks, then set a time for each of these tasks. Work on these tasks methodically, and you’ll see an improvement in your goals.

Getting back up can be difficult sometimes, but simple changes can make a vast difference.
What are your top tips for getting yourself back into the swing of things when times are tough?

If you need help getting out of your slump, or you want more information about how to look at your sales objectively and make a plan to move forward, you can buy my masterclass - "What to do when sales are tough" right here.

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