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5 reasons you should work with a retail strategist

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You’re ambitious. You want your business to grow, to reward you and to reach it's full potential.

But you are feeling overwhelmed and looking for some support.

Your topline sales are growing but you don’t feel as if your bottom line is keeping up, and above all, you’re not feeling in control.

Do you have that niggling sense that you’ve hit the end of what you can Google to find out about running a product business profitably? Then read on and find out how I can help.

What can a retail strategist do for your business?

Fundamentally, my role as a retail strategist is to work alongside you as a business owner to help set the course for your business. I can plug the gaps in your knowledge, and help explain to you some of the underlying techniques and methods for running a product business so that you feel confident and empowered to move your business forward.

Here are five good reasons to work with me:

1. Cut through overwhelm

One of the problems of running your own business is that you can literally do anything. And that is blessing as well as a curse.

When your business has been running for a while, you may start to be offered even more opportunitites - whether that's new platforms who'd love you to join, or new ways to market your business. It can get even more complicated and confusing!

Together, you and I will decide on your next course of action and how to evaluate it properly - saving you time and making you more efficient as you avoid overwhelm.

2. I'm a member of your team

Running your own business can be lonely. You are in your head a LOT.

That can be a major shock to those of us who have previously been in a corporate job with a team of people around us to bounce ideas off.

Working with me, particularly on an ongoing basis, like my monthly mentoring, gives you that member of your team to bounce ideas off - as well as someone to cheer for you when it's going well, and boost you up when it's not.

Not only that, when you work with me, you work with someone who has spent 20 years living and breathing the selling of physical products.

I write, speak, educate and consult on the topic of what it takes to succeed in 2019 in retail. I am constantly talking to others from across the industry to understand what is working and what isn’t working any more.

I have spent countless hours looking at pricing, planning strategies, evaluating marketing campaigns, analysing sales results, monitoring stock levels, and examining every aspect of how a product business makes money.

Not only that, I have helped over 100 small creative businesses and talk to countless others on a daily basis - which means that your challenges, while unique to you, are unlikely to be something that I haven’t seen before.

So you no longer feel like you’re the only person in the world trying to figure this out!

3. Make more money

Of course, anyone can claim that they can help you make your business make more money.

I certainly don't claim to have a magic wand, but by helping you examine the fundamental profitability of your business (perfect for one of my intensive strategy days), I can show you where you can tweak your pricing or product assortment to make more profit.

Not only that, but I can help you review your stock to see where you have trapped cash in the business, and set goals so you know exactly how many sales you need to be making to get the money you want in your bank account.

4. Transform how you see your business

Retail is like any profession. There are certain techniques and tools that are used across the industry to help you stay more organised, more focused and more profitable.

I can help guide you on how these tools and techniques can be applied to your business. If you don't have a background in retail, you may not know what is out there - and you may be either Googling fruitlessly, or trying to re-invent the wheel in your quest to make your business more efficient.

Working with me will give you a trusted expert who can help you learn more about your amazing business and the industry that it operates in.

5. Grow your confidence

This goes back to cutting through the overwhelm and getting clear about what your goals are for the business - with clarity comes confidence.

If you really believe in the potential of your business, but you feel lost and unsure how to get it there, working with me can help you get clear and confident on what your next move needs to be.

You'll also feel more confident having worked to grow your business knowledge and understanding.

Want to know more?

Find out more about the different ways you can work with me by taking a look at my 1-2-1 page here.

Not sure which service will be right for you? Schedule a call with me here.

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