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Banishing Imposter Syndrome

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Your inner critic can be your worst enemy

Since I’ve started working with small independent brands and retailers, I have met so many women who have created beautiful products and beautiful businesses. What amazes me though is the number of women I have spoken to who are plagued with self-doubt about what they have accomplished. So many of them have a little voice inside them that criticises them.

Do you fear getting “found out”?

Imposter Syndrome describes the feeling of inadequacy that leaves you fearing that you will be “found out”. According to some sources, up to 70% of successful people have suffered from this at some point in their career.

As entrepreneurs, often working alone and WAY outside our comfort zone, we are especially likely to suffer from imposter syndrome.

Comparing never works

While imposter syndrome can rock even the most self-assured of us from time to time, there are definitely steps we can take to minimise its impact.

Firstly, remember that comparing yourself unfavourably to others is the quickest route to draining your happiness.

  • Have you started seeing results, but feel inadequate because it’s slow progress and you haven’t hit 20k followers on Instagram?

  • Do you worry about how other people will react to your product?

  • Do you feel embarrassed about how professional your packaging, marketing or other aspects of your business

Dwelling on any of these will quickly slow you down and derail your plans. Don’t forget that all successful businesses had to start somewhere.

This is Anita Roddick outside the first Body Shop. Imagine if she had let herself be crippled with anxiety about not being as big as the other high street names, instead of pursuing her dreams.

Persistence is key

Persistence is the number one trait of successful entrepreneurs. Think of every hurdle that you face as a place that your competition might be giving up, and jump over it.

Go back to your strategy and plan that you have for your business, and ask yourself if you are on track and working on what matters.

Believe in your vision - you created this business for a specific purpose. Whatever your vision - more freedom, more time for you and your family or simply making the world a better place, one beautiful thing at a time, then don’t let temporary anxiety or setbacks get in the way.

Celebrate Success

Celebrating your successes on a continual basis is a really important part of helping you feel good about your business.

Whether it’s your first order, a big sale, signing a wholesale agreement, hitting your plans or simply sticking with your social media, celebrate them all.

I have a “Weekly Wins” board by my desk to celebrate all that is good and positive and to keep me focused and motivated.

Don’t Try and Do It All Alone

The Female Founders In Retail Facebook group is a great place to come to share your successes, cheer for each other and enjoy being part of a supportive community.

When women support other women, we all grow that much faster.

How do you keep moving forward?

How do you feel when things don’t go as you planned in your business? Do you let it get to you, or do you rise above it? Join in and tell me below if you have ever had experience of imposter syndrome.

Other Ways I Can Help

If you want a straight-forward set of steps to build your retail business - download my free roadmap “Retail Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Profit” right here.

And don’t forget to join the discussion inside the Female Founders In Retail Facebook group where you can meet other women building amazing product-based businesses. If you’re not already in the group, click here to request to be let in. See you in there!

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