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Five things for creative product businesses to do for a successful 2020

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Small business owners, we love a list - our lists can sometimes get a bit overwhelming, especially at the start of a new year - so to help you focus I want to share five key things that creative product businesses should be doing to help them succeed in 2020.

Know your customer

You've probably heard this before, customers are getting more comfortable with buying from businesses that specialise in certain products, for certain types of people or certain interests.

So it's really important that understand who your customer is.

Even if your products could be sold to everyone, find your ideal customer, which is both the people who want to buy from you as well as the people who it would really excite you to serve,

You want to make sure that not only are they interested in your product, that you're interested in them too. 

Be clear with who your ideal customer is, have a very strong sense of who they are, where they live, what they're interested in and it will help you focus and tailor to that person in all of your communication.

Share your story

This post leads on from number one - your customer needs to know you too and they can only do that if you share your story. We talked already about conscious consumerism and what that means, part of that is customers wanting to buy from product businesses that share their ethics and values.

If your customer doesn't know what your ethics and values are, then they're going to find it very difficult to buy from you. Sharing your story does mean putting your face out there and being visible on your about page, on your website.

Sometimes you need to be the content on your social media posts as well as your products, be the face off the brand. In order to share your story authentically you need to be very clear what your message is? What is your purpose? What do you have that you want to share with the world and why are you doing it?

And make sure that comes through in everything that you do from your product pages to your social media posts.

Outside the social media bubble

Instagram is an incredible tool for creative product businesses, but it is not the beginning and the end of your sales strategy. You want to make sure that you have a well rounded strategy that covers lots of different elements and doesn't put all of your eggs in the instagram basket.

I'm sure you've all heard of people who've got locked out of their instagram accounts - in that situation - if that is the entirety of your business, then you are going to have to start from scratch and no one wants to be in that situation!

Think past instagram to other channels, other ways of selling and other ways of connecting and engaging with your ideal customer.

Sales planning

Knowing your planned out sales target is very motivating, and it helps you get really clear about when you need to be pushing your sales activities versus when it's going to be a quieter time for your business.

My free planning challenge was last week - it was fantastic - there were 360 businesses going through the process of planning out their sales. Invariably people told me that they found it so motivating and made them feel much clearer about their business to have a sales plan.

So if you don't have one yet - crack on! Work out what you want to take this year and how you plan to do it. Set yourself a monthly, or preferably, a weekly goal and giving yourself a target to work towards.

Minimise risk

We talked about increasing competition in the small creative businesses field, so you need to be doing everything that you can to keep moving forward to creating the products that your ideal customer will absolutely love and part of that is doing as much as you possibly can to trial products.

Can you put products up on to social media or other communication channels to get the opinion of your customers before you place orders? Can you do pre orders? Can you do small orders made almost by hand to start off with to understand what people think about them before you place your larger orders?

Being nimble, being able to react to what the customer really wants is really crucial for your business success. And it's a tactic that I've seen used over and over again in the successful product businesses that i'm working with in 2020.

Want to talk about getting ready for a successful 2020? You can book a clarity call with me right here:

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