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How to come back stronger - FREE 5 Day course

4 really good reasons why you should sign up

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My FREE 5 day course starts on the 11th May 2020 'How to come back stronger' - it is exclusively for product business owners. I wanted to give you 4 really good reasons why you should join.

1 - Big picture thinking

It is a great opportunity for you to do some vital 'big picture thinking' about your business and to consider your longer term plans. I know that this is incredibly challenging time for all of us - we're so busy with the day to day juggle it's challenging to carve out anytime to step back and think about your business like this.

This course is an opportunity to carve out a some time for yourself and for your business - by doing this in a group on an online course will feel much less overwhelming and dare I say it - it will be lots of fun!

At 6am each morning of the course they will be a short task dropped into the Facebook Group.

So if you only have the time to do that task, then need to get on with the rest of your day, that's fine. Completing all of the tasks will enable you to create a really great plan of action.

If you've got the time to spend more time in the group to interact or to come to any of the evening lives, then it will be well worth it. We are going to be creating that space for you to be thinking about your business, which, given that everything else that's been going on, you may have found that overwhelming or difficult to focus.

2 - Support network

Reason number two is there's going to be a lot of support. It is just for people who are running the same kind of businesses. Creative product businesses selling either online or in bricks and mortar stores when bricks and mortar stores are open.

So it's a very specific group of people - you are going through similar challenges and therefore it will be really helpful because you can bounce ideas off each other and me, look to others for inspiration as well as, of course, get the encouragement and community sense that you get from a group.

3 - Your questions answered

The third reason that it is a great idea to join the challenge is you will get lots of opportunities to ask questions.

So if you are feeling stuck, if you are not really sure which way to move forward with your business or with a particular idea, or just in general are looking for some inspiration, then you can come along, take part in the course and you'll have the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

Every day there will be a thread titled 'ask me anything' - you can post questions there, and then every evening I'm going to live from 20:30. If I haven't already answered your questions I will go through as many of them as I can then. So there's lots and lots of opportunities to ask questions about you, your business and to get an expert opinion.

4 - Time for fun!

Reason number four is simple - it's going to be fun. The challenge that I ran in January was based on a similar format and it was brilliant.

There's so much great interaction. So many people felt energised and inspired afterwards and they particularly enjoyed the opportunity to come together for five days and to talk about their businesses.

It's a very positive and action focused environment. Spending five days thinking about your plan for your business to come back stronger in a fun and engaging way - what could be better!

Competition time!

Plus there is the opportunity to win a coaching call with me worth £99. So I hope you will come along and join us. There are already over 200 businesses signed up. I would love to have you there so we can talk about how to use this time to hit the ground running when life returns to some sort of normality. So why not sign up today?

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