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Make 2020 the best Christmas for your business

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve mentioned Christmas – but it’s time! Plus I really think that this could be a brilliant Christmas for independent product businesses.

Why do I say that? Customers are sentimental and they know it’s been a tough year for local and independent businesses so they have shopped and supported them – I don’t see that changing for their Christmas shopping efforts.

It's has been moving this way for a long time – but in many ways 2020 has accelerated the trend towards people supporting small businesses. With an emphasis on ‘shop local’, supporting businesses that are producing products created with a thought and care in terms of the social and environmental impact and those products that have ‘a story’.

This is perfect for independent product businesses as it plays into what small product businesses do very well.

Sounds all very positive? I know it's also an uncertain time for many of you. With so many big fairs, events and markets being cancelled that usually take place in run up to Christmas or still waiting to hear if events are going to go ahead – it’s hard to plan in the usual way.

If you're a business that typically relies on these kind of face-to-face selling opportunities – you may not be feeling very optimistic about the festive period.

My 'Go for Gold' Christmas summit is all about supporting you through these unsettling times. It's about making the best golden quarter that you had in your business by focusing on one thing - growing your sales.

We have an incredible line-up of speakers who will be sharing their thoughts and expertise with you - here's a brief rundown.

Elizabeth Stiles, a fashion brand consultant - is an expert in how to be ‘visible’ and have belief in your business. She's going to be talking to me about how you get visible at Christmas.

Therese Ortenblad from Small Business Collaborative is going to be talking to us about wholesale and if there's anyone who knows how wholesale is working right now and how to make it work for your business - that is Therese – it’ll be a great session.

Rosie Dave Smith, who runs PR Dispatch - an incredible resource for anybody who wants to know more about PR for a small business and what she doesn't know about pr opportunities for creative product businesses really isn't worth knowing.

Sakina Saidi from Hey is going to be talking to us about how she's used Christmas markets not just to move her business forward, but also to get collaborations and to grow her profile in other ways, including on Instagram.

Then there’s day two!

Jade who runs Made to Send is an absolute genius when it comes to sending gifts and she is going to be talking to us about how to put together that perfect gift offer that your customer is going to love.

(And gift giving is absolutely critical to growing your sales in 2020 - during lock down people are going to continue to want to be sending gifts and giving gifts to love ones during the holiday season, so this is gonna be a really useful session).

Janet Oganah from Janet's List is going to be talking to us about pop-ups as there will be some physical retail during the festive season. If you are somebody who's planning to use a physical pop-up or actually to appear in a physical form in any way during the autumn or Christmas season, then don't miss Janet's session because she has a huge amount of knowledge, and she has run several high profile pop-ups in both this country and abroad.

Eman Ismail from Ink House - a phenomenal copywriter and email marketing wiz - is going to be talking to us about using email marketing at Christmas, which I think is going to be fascinating. She's run a workshop for the Resilient Retail Club on email marketing and she's just brilliant.

Joanne Griffin from Arnold and Bird will be joining us. Joanne and I have created a guide called 'Get Set Christmas' together for the last two years. Joanne is an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to product development trends, she’ll be talking to us about product preparation, planning and getting ready for Christmas.

Janine Hardy from Connected and Inspired is going to be talking to us about getting that all important social media ready for Christmas, so I cannot wait to hear what she has to say.

It's a jam packed schedule with so much useful information being shared. This is not your fluffy theory based summits - this is real life experience from people who ran successful small businesses themselves.

It is free to sign up which you can do right now here!

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