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Podcast Episode 2 - Retail: A Modern History

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Episode 2 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan podcast has landed - we’ll take a look at the birth of the big chains in the 1950’s through to today where artificial intelligence, big data, algorithms, last mile tech, and augmented and virtual reality are all part of a toolset that big retail are trying to use to survive in a world where personalised shopping and experiential retail are leading the charge in customer engagement - and how you too can leverage those tools, using your own unique voice and personal touch to stand out in the marketplace.

Retail isn’t in trouble, boring retail is in trouble.

Witnessing the collapse of behemoths like Debenhams can certainly knock your confidence, but don’t be deterred.

The challenges we’re seeing facing legacy retailers today are a result of decades of change and are part of a new cycle for the industry. Take a listen now.

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