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PR Q&A with Jenny Holden

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How PR can help your product-based business

I interviewed Jenny Holden, Founder of Chorus Communications on how a PR strategy can help your product-based business.

Here are her top tips:People buy from people. Using PR allows you to get your name out there and create the all-important "know-like-trust" connection with your customer.

  1. Don't assume that PR is only for the big brands.  Local press, local business magazines and even the women's consumer titles are all looking for interesting stories.
  2. Focus on what the stories are in your business.  Is it your journey as an entrepreneur?  Is it the trends that you see in your business?  Sales-focused stories don't work, but there may be many other stories in your life that will work well.
  3. Think about where you want to pitch - make sure you take the time to read your target publications/blogs so you get a feel for the kinds of stories that they publish.
  4. Make a list of journalists either by looking at the contacts list in publications, or by following them on Twitter.
  5. Check the #journorequests hashtag regularly to find journalists looking to feature businesses like yours.
  6. Make sure you make the most of any PR coverage by sharing on your social media.
  7. There are two ways to get stories into the press.  Either via a press-release or by a pitch to a journalist.  Pitches are where you present your story idea to a journalist in a few bullet points.  
  8. Pitching is like fishing - you should be doing it 3 times a week and may get no response for a couple of months before getting articles picked up.
  9. Don't forget about blogs - research the biggest blogs in your industry and pitch to them too.
  10. You should also be writing your own blog regularly to keep your website relevant and improve your search engine rankings.
  11. To create a PR strategy, map out your whole year, taking into account any key dates for your business, plus any other major events.   This will help you identify any relevant events that will be in the news but that you can tie into.  For example, a floristry client is pitching an article about the flowers in Princess Eugenie's wedding.
  12. Above all, be persistent!  Much of PR involves keeping going, and not giving up until you've got into your dream publication.
For the full interview, see below.

You can find out more about Jenny at or in her FB group here:

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