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Staying focused during the summer holidays

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The summer holiday juggle is upon us, with children at home but with less for them to be doing it can be hard to stay focused when you're dealing with that whilst running your business. For many of us the distraction of summer commitments can make you feel like you're spinning plates and spreading yourself VERY thinly.

I want to share my tips on how to stay focused and get things done during the summer holidays.

The first is to be realistic. It seems obvious but like so many aspects of running your own business - the habits to adopt often revolve around taking a step back and reviewing your situation.


How much time will you actually have? When you're away do you have any time to squeeze in a some concentrated focused work time? Or can you manage a small amount of time every day throughout the summer period?

If you're going to be occupied looking after your children for the majority of the summer holidays then you have to be realistic about it. Maybe take a look at what's on your to do list, go through it and review what can move to September.

Being realistic helps to take the pressure off - you can decide what's urgent, what you can move it to September and the ideal is to have a plan for your 'return to work' in September.

Another tip is 'time blocking'. This is such a great habit to adopt at anytime but especially for the summer holidays.

Just 20 minutes of focused time can make a huge difference to your productivity. I have my trusty kitchen timer that I love to use for this. I switch off everything else - phones, emails anything not required - and I focus on one thing on my to do list until my timer goes off after 20 minutes. It's incredible how much you can achieve in that time when you're focused and removed all the usual distractions.

My essential tip is - make sure you actually get a break! As business owners we often blur the lines between work and rest - so it's really important for you and your business that you have time to recharge - especially as come September all your focus will be on the busiest time of the retail year - Christmas!

Being realistic and adopt 'time blocking' will not only help you get focused throughout the summer - it will help enable you to have a proper break. And having a 'return to work' plan will help you relax during your break and come September you'll be raring to go!

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