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Staying focused in the run up to Christmas

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Well congratulations, it’s the middle of December – we’re into the final festive push. The Christmas rush is in full flow, the last posting dates are getting closer - the end is in sight! As product business owners your minds will be buzzing with all the things you need to do right now and all the things you want to do in the New Year - for your business and personally. I don’t want to take up too much of your blog reading time this week – so I’ll get straight to the point.

How can you stay focused during the last couple of weeks? My main tip is to make sure that you are focused on the key tasks - selling and delighting your customer - and that it is it.

Your 'to-don't' list

Make yourself a list, whether it’s on a piece of paper or in an app on your phone, this will be your ‘to don’t’ list. That’s right – a list that should include everything that you need to park until January. I’ve talked with several clients who are trying to juggle both the busiest time of the product business year - Christmas - as well as thinking ahead to January. Although in early December there’s planning you can do (I talk about that here) right now, for these two weeks – stay focused on each day. You may have some big things coming up in January such as your trade shows – I’d advise at this stage in December, as much as possible, delay until after Christmas.

Keeping a ‘to don’t’ list means whenever something crosses your mind (usually at the most in opportune moment!) note it down on your list – that way you have a solid starting point that turns into a productive ‘to do’ list in January.

Shifting stock before Christmas

Right now, your key focus needs to be sales. With fear of repeating myself but will do because it’s SO important – be crystal clear about the stock you want to sell before Christmas, the items you want out of the door come January. All focus should be on pushing that stock, anything that you do want to carry forward into January you shouldn’t be pushing as hard - it shouldn’t be your feature product or the products in your emails. Ring-fence that stock for the new year.

Clear your mind

The process of keeping a “to don’t’ list also helps you capture any thoughts that you’re having at the moment about your business. What’s really going well? What’s not working so well for you? This very busy time of year often clarifies for you where things are not going as you want them to – it might be that a partner organisation like your courier or fulfilment centre not performing the way that you want or that you realise you absolutely can’t do another post office run – whatever it is – capture those thoughts so that when you do a review in January on how the season went, you’ve got those thoughts mapped out.

It also means you can clear your mind of a whole bunch of thoughts and ponderings which in turn will help you stay focused on your key tasks. The simpler you can keep it the better.

Just make sure you’ve got that list – being ready to start the New Year with a real focus on your 2020 priorities will enable you to have a super productive January and just that thought will be great motivation to get you through the next two weeks!

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