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The Resilient Retail Game Plan podcast

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A podcast…A PODCAST. Most of you know I have launched my very first podcast, 'The Resilient Retail Game Plan’ this week – I’m so excited.

It’s podcast for anyone wanting to start, grow or scale a profitable creative product business - with me!

The Resilient Retail Game Plan is dedicated to one thing - breaking down the concepts and tools I’ve gathered from twenty years in the retail industry and showing you how you can use them in your business.

This is the real nuts and bolts of running a successful product business, broken down in an easy, accessible way.

This is not a podcast about learning how to make your business look good, it’s the tools and techniques that will make you and your business feel good.

Confidently plan, launch and manage your products, and feel in control of your sales numbers and cash flow to help you build a resilient retail business. Lockdown has brought many changes and challenges to independent retail businesses but it have also given an opportunity to reflect, focus and fine tune your business – what are you waiting for - listen to the trailer now.

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