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What to do before you drive traffic to your website

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What to do before driving traffic to your online store

Many people want to know how to drive traffic to their online store (which I cover in this blog post here , but there are several actions you need to take before you do that.

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Have a testing phase

Once your website is set up, you need to be driving free traffic to the site as part of a testing phase. This means asking everyone you know to share your website, put it out on all your social media and email it to your list.

Ask friends and family to share it on their social media, ask them to think of everyone they know who could share it, share it on every FB group that you are part of (if the group allows it) - this is the time to utilise your network as much as you possibly can.

Monitor Your Conversion Rate

Once you have some people visiting the website, you’ll be able to see what happens to your conversion rate.

Conversion rate = number of buyers/number of visitors

So if 100 people visit your website over a certain period of time, and only 1 person buys, you have a 1% conversion rate.

Ideally, you want to be at around a 2% conversion rate before you start driving traffic. Doesn’t sound very high? You’re right, conversion rates are low, but if you’re not even in the 1-2% range, then you need to do some troubleshooting on your website before you start driving traffic.

Boost your conversion

If you don’t fix your conversion problems before driving your traffic, then you are effectively pouring water into a leaky bucket. Make sure that your website is a slick selling machine before going any further.

Not sure how to boost your conversion? Again, this topic alone is worthy of its own blog, but here are my top tips:

  1. Check your photography is high enough quality and compelling enough. The more photos the better. Make sure you have photos from all angles.
  2. Check your product copy is clear and gives enough detail on the features and benefits of each product. Remember, you are trying to replicate the experience of being able to physically pick up and look at the products, so how can your words (along with your photos) help your customer make a decision?
  3. Make sure your most valuable real-estate, the top third of your home page, is used for strong compelling images. It’s ideal to put your best selling items on there to draw the customer in.
  4. Use your analytics (Google Analytics is free and easy to set up) to build a better understanding of which pages your visitors are leaving from and how long they are staying on each page. This will help you identify where the problem lies.
  5. Can you use product videos to give the customer even more detail about the product?
  6. Is there a compelling “About” page? People love to buy from people, so having a place on your website where you explain who you are and what you believe in, as well as your inspiration behind your product range will help make that connection, and ultimately, that sale.
  7. Test, test, test. Keep trying and reviewing what works. Play around with your images, your copy and your site layout until you are happy that your conversion rate is improving.

Once your conversion rate is improving, it's time to drive traffic

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