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Why am I running a FREE 5-day sales planning challenge?

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A whopping 190 businesses have signed up to my FREE 5-day sales planning challenge so far – WOW! I’m so keen to get started and to know I’m providing something that’s a genuine need for the small product business community is very motivating. If you’ve not already signed up do it here.

The Challenge

A quick re-cap…it’s going live on Monday 27th January, we’re going to be in a private Facebook group for 5 days. There will be a task dropped into the group at 6am so you can get started on it then if you have things to do later in the day. Every night I am going to be going live to answer all of your questions about the task, about planning or growing your sales.


Why did I decide to run a sales challenge? This is something that I’ve been wanting to do in my business for a couple of years. I’ve spent 17 years in corporate retailers so in total about 20 years in the retail business and my role during that time was in the merchandising department.

Most retailers have three product teams – they have the buying team, the design team and the merchandising team. The design team and the buying team – people are generally fairly clear on what they do – the design team are all about the creative and the buying team are all about the commercial side.

My skill set

The merchandising team - which was my job for many many years - is all about how do you make creative ideas make money. You take direction from the design team and the selection from the buying team but you give them clear budgets. Holding the purse strings is another way of looking at it!

You plan out their sales, plan when to bring the stock in and how much to buy and then decide which shops to send it to. How to analyse it when it’s sold, how to check the profit margins, the pricing – everything to do with how the creative ideas make money falls to the merchandising team.

For creative product businesses - where people are creating or curating something really beautiful and special for their customers - the first hurdle you have to get over is actually creating something that people want to buy - and to do that you have to have an amazing eye for product!

You are creatives first and foremost and often (not always!) you may not identify as a numbers or process driven person. Therefore my skills on processes and how to apply the numbers to a creative product business works really well in small businesses – just like it did in the big businesses.

I’ve got the years of experience. I spent days of my life working on spreadsheets, in conference rooms - talking about plans, talking about all these pieces of the puzzle and how you actually get the creative ideas to make money.

I want to show you that the planning process is fun and is relatively straightforward - we’re going to go through a series of 5 steps to help you put together a plan for 2020. A lot of people just don’t know where to start - I want to walk you through that process during this challenge.


The format of the challenge will nurture our supportive community. Everybody is going to be in one place at the same time so when questions are asked and discussions take place we can all learn from each other. The more people that we get into the challenge then the more we can really foster that community and cross pollination of ideas.

So I’m really excited to share my knowledge with you, to teach you what I can and to see where it takes you to have a well thought out sales plan for 2020. I’d love it if you’d share with your community too - encouraging more sign ups!

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