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Women in Retailers Big and Small

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It's been a very interesting and busy week here at Future Retail. I've had the opportunity to meet and talk with so many people doing really interesting things in both large, and small retail organisations.

On Tuesday night I met with a fantastic group of women who are running their own product-based businesses. These were women from my Female Founders In Retail group, and we talked about the highs, and the lows of launching your own business. Always a pleasure to spend time with women who are daring to dream big dreams!

Today I spoke at the Shop Display Equipment Association's Annual Review where I discussed how retailers can thrive in a post-Brexit high street. It was fascinating to talk to members of the industry about their concerns, and I also got to hear Garry Wells from Lush (unashamedly one of my favourite retailers) talk about their incredible commitment to their corporate values.

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the Women in Retail Emerging Leaders Event - these are fantastically well run events that bring together women working across the retail industry. I always come away having had some fantastic conversations. We heard from a panel of amazing women from Selfridges, Arcadia, Ocado, Fabled, Ernst & Young and Net-A-Porter talking about their personal and career stories.

As always, whenever I attend industry events, I'm reminded why I find retail so endlessly fascinating. It's such a fast changing industry with some of the brightest and most creative minds.

If you enjoy retail networking as much as I do, come along to the next Future of Retail event that is happening next Wednesday 23rd at 6.30pm where we will be taking a non-techie view of AI - what it means, how it can be a competitive advantage for your business, and what all the hype is about!

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